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I went to work after a long absence today. I usually don’t feel like it, but this time it was useful because I had a long time living in a nest and lacked exercise.

今年の連休はStay Homeがテーマであり、何もしないことの贅沢及び家にいたらすべきことを考える連休でした。

This year’s holiday was about Stay Home, and it was a holiday that considers the luxury of doing nothing and what to do at home.


During the consecutive holidays, I went out in the necessary fire as shown in the article below, and otherwise stayed in my house or town.


At home, I read four books, watched old TV programs and dramas on VOD, contracted a rental server, and started an original blog.


The main thing I go to the back town is shopping for groceries. I live outside the service area of the internet supermarket, so I can not avoid it.


In addition, while I was out in the city, I tried to take out a restaurant, which has become a trend recently.


I tried it at the Champontei Sohonke, which I use every time. This time I took fried chicken home, but I can also take home ramen toppings so I will use it if I have the opportunity.


「これからはStay Homeから、Stay Home Townへ」


By the way, the origin of the title was triggered by the Governor of Shiga saying, “From now on, Stay Home to Stay Home Town.”

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