Cooking using vegetable juice



Since the summer of last year, I’ve been addicted to concentrated vegetable juices, and since I’ve become a habit, I’ve started to buy boxes.



The photo is one of the vegetable juices I’m drinking, but a recipe using vegetable juice was posted on the side of the package.If you look closely at the recipe, it is a simple dish that just replaces half of the water used to make instant noodles with vegetable juice.


The photo is an example of cooking. Vacuum-packed chicken sold at convenience stores was used as an ingredient and sprinkled with grated cheese. The vegetable juice and salt ramen soup were in harmony, and the cheese complemented the taste.


Next, a recipe combining vegetable juice and miso soup was posted, so I also tried making it. Just like ramen, you can easily make half of the water by changing it to vegetable juice. The image of vegetable soup made from vegetable juice and consomme soup is somewhat inspiring, but it was a little intriguing whether vegetable juice and miso soup would match.


It’s a cooking example, but it doesn’t look like miso soup.As for the taste, I got the impression that the sweet and sour taste of the vegetable juice had won. If this is the case, I think you should drink miso soup and vegetable juice separately.By the way, I was at home all day on the day I made this vegetable juice recipe, so I used one cup of vegetable juice each day in addition to a cup of vegetable juice in the morning and night, so I used one whole vegetable juice in one day. I will. This is the first time I’ve digested whole vegetable juice in my life.


There seems to be other examples of adding vegetable juice to drinks. I reminded you that if you always stock vegetable juice, you can use it not only as it is, but also in cooking.

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